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About Myself.

I have 10 main things i would like to share with you, this is hard but here it goes:

  1. I have a twin sister. We have never been very close but somehow she seems to be one of my best friends. I’d do anything for her and I know she’s always gonna be there when i need her(:

  2. I met my boyfriend February of my freshman year in HS. We became bestfriends sophomore year, and began dating March of my sophomore year. We have been together for almost 14 months and he means everything to me. I honestly could never see myself being with anybody else. I’m so in love♥(:

  3. I know that after this week i will be a senior in HS, but I honestly don’t know what I want to do with my life. I’ve had so many ideas about “what i wanna be when i grow up” but now that i’m grown, none of those ideas seem to fit me anymore.

  4. I’m terrified of the thought of death. I don’t wanna die. When i think about it i feel like i can’t breathe and like i might pass out. I wish that i could live forever with my loved ones.

  5. I know i’m skinny. I wish that i could do something about it. I eat more than anybody that i know, but i can’t seem to gain more than 5lbs. I get told that God made me perfect the way that i am, but getting made fun of for it sure doesnt make me feel perfect.

  6. I don’t feel close to my family. I have a twin, an older sister, and a younger brother. My mother and father divorced when i was about seven years old. Honestly, i feel like they don’t love me and could care less about me. My mother and i are not close, at all. I feel like she’s picked her favorites, and i’m obviously not one of them. I’ve cried so much over it, and i’m trying to get over it. It’s more of her loss for missing out on my life, and not doing anything to help me along the way..

  7. I love to read. I’ll pretty much read anything that i can get my hands on. I’ve read every book in the twilight, harry potter, and percy jackson series more than once, and i can’t get enough. I’m always spending money on books, and it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

  8. I’m a very emotional person. I “wear my heart on my sleeve” so to speak, and it isn’t a challenge to make me cry. I wish this was different. I wish that i could be brave and hide my feelings from the world like i used to be able to do..

  9. I’m smart, and people seem to hate me for it. I have straight A’s this year, it wasn’t easy, and people are rude to me about it. But i want to be able to get into an amazing college, and i’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

  10. I’m a very quiet person. It’s even hard for me to write my feelings out this way, but i felt like i need to open up and share. I don’t talk alot at school, basically only to my boyfriend, but somehow i seem to have enemies. I keep to myself most of the time, it’s always been this way. I learned a long time ago that if you’re quiet, you can’t say anything to get yourself in trouble, or made fun of.

I hope this helps some of my followers understand the real me ♥